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12-08-2022 << Return list

On August 2, Mr.P. and Mr. T. from the China office of OA, a large-scale auto parts distributor in Ukraine, visited the Byorui factory. OA is a group company with more than 2,000 employees worldwide. As Russia The general agent of KBS truck car brand in Ukraine, OA is very professional in truck accessories.


In December 2019, Mr. P and Mr. T visited the booth of Byorui Company at the Shanghai Frankfurt Auto Parts International Exhibition. They were very interested in Byorui Company's patented technology and more than 40 years of production experience, and agreed to visit the factory in 2020. Due to the impact of the COVID-19, the trip plan was postponed to August.


On the morning of August 2nd, under the leadership of staffs, Mr.P. and Mr. T. successively visited the R&D department, production, quality control, technical testing, storage and other links of disc brake pads. and had a detailed & in-depth understanding of each step of Byorui brake pads.


After the visit, Mr.P. and Mr. T. highly knowed about the entire quality control system and process manufacturing standards of Byorui brake pads, and put forward some valuable suggestions and requirements to Byorui Company.


Later, after discussing the details of international trade terms such as payment methods and trade terms for the follow-up long-term cooperation, Mr.P. and Mr. T. expressed that in addition to reaching long-term cooperation with Byorui Company on the disc brake pad project , And also proposed the cooperation intention and basic framework for the drum brake pad project.

Finally, Mr.P. and Mr. T. took a group photo with the reception staff of Byorui Company.


Other clients‘ factory tour

l As one of the Top 20 enterprise of China Friction Material Industry, Byorui is a leading enterprise in Chinese friction brake field as well as one of the industry standard constitutors. Since the process standard and system of brake pads is even more strict than that of brake linings, after visiting to tens brake factories, B.K. UK finally select only two factories as their manufacturing centers in China. Zhengzhou Byorui is one of the two selected factories and signed strategy cooperation agreement. From then on, along with Saite, Zhengzhou Byorui brakes for commercial vehicles and passengers cars enter European market altogether and keep the driving safety of great mass of European drivers.


Yutong looked for qualified brake pad supporting manufacturers in 2010, and reviewed more than 10 brake pad manufacturers all over China mainland. With 18 months site quality review, Byorui Industrial has passed the strict review with its strict raw material inspection, advanced formulation &production process and thorough process quality control. Byorui has become one of the three brake pad supporting suppliers of Yutong Bus. In the future, together with Yutong, Byorui will contribute our effort to the global better and safe travelling.