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What makes Baiyun Byorui a better Brake pad supplier.

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If you don't do your homework, choosing a manufacturer to develop your products can be a very long and costly process. It can takes years of trial and error to choose the right manufacturer to produce your quality products.


So to try to make the process less painful, entrepreneurs should ask these five questions:


5 Questions Brake Pad Retailer Should Ask When Choosing a Manufacturer


1. What other companies do they currently produce products for?

You always want to choose manufacturers that are reputable in the industry and who manufacturer quality products for companies that you know of in the marketplace. If they produce for recognizable brands, you will know that their facilities have been visited and audited by major retailers across the globe. While Zhengzhou Baiyun Byorui Industrial Co., Ltd., since 1977, is a national high-tech enterprise with main products of brake friction material and brake products. So we are the specialist in this industry.



2. How big is their facility?

The more employees the factory has and the bigger their facility is, the longer they have been in the business of manufacturing -- giving them experience in their respective fields.


Avoid a small factory. More often than not, these factories have only been around for a short period of time and they lack the quality controls of a more established factory.



Zhengzhou Baiyun Industrial Co., Ltd., is one of the leading auto friction braking enterprise in China, Top 10 enterprises of China Friction Material Industry and member of friction industry association.

Long-term cooperation is established with international authoritative test organizations such as America LINK and GREEN to test Baiyun brakes regularly. There are more than 1000 models brakes of Baiyun have obtained E-mark certification till now.



3. What quality assurance steps do they take and at how many points throughout production?


Quality assurance is the most important step in the manufacturing process. The more quality assurance steps the manufacturer will take, the lower the risk of defective products and components. Some manufacturers will only conduct quality assurance tests at the end of the production cycle to check if a product works. But this isn't always the best strategy.


Byorui's products have been selected in the "National Supervision and Inspection Quality Continuous Qualified and Relieved Brand Leaders Red List", and at the same time, obtained a number of certificates such as "Quality assured products" certificate, design patents, etc. The company also has repeatedly been rated as "excellent supplier" by supporting manufacturers. Over the years the company is committed to creating "the best products, the best service, the sincerest reputation", and constantly meet the requirements and expectations of exceeding customers!  All employees wholeheartedly welcome new and old customers to be a guest at Liangshan, sightseeing guidance, Conspiracy to develop!


4. From where are they sourcing their components?

There are likely many different manufacturers that produce the same components inside products that you produce. Each of these components has their own set of problems. If the manufacturer is not producing all of the components that are required to produce your product, make sure that the components they purchase are from reputable manufacturers as well.

Byorui would love to give you a list of materials and the names of the factories that produce them to ensure that your components are high quality.





5. What is their production capacity?

Production capacity is key to your long-term success. You may be starting off small, but if you are serious about bringing your products to market, you need to ensure that once you close that big sale, you are able to produce the order and deliver on time. The last thing you want to do is under deliver with a new customer or have to scramble to find a new manufacturer to produce a large order.


Baiyun Byorui has more than hundred national patents,all the products have the characteristics of stable braking, no noise, low wear and long service life, etc, Patents are including the asbestos, non-asbestos, steel fiber, aramid fiber, and green power brake lining and brake pads were developed and manufactured independently. They are used for American, Germany, Japanese, and other global mainstream truck brands; the clutch damping dampers manufactured with unique composite materials, have been used for clutches such as Steyr and brembo, North Mercedes-Benz,, Yutong,Dongfeng, Jiefang, Beiqi, Nanqi,Isuzu and Howo, So that our production capacity can definitely satisfy your request.