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Truck Brake Lining

Truck Brake Lining

DescriptionDrum Brake LiningsDrum braking linings have brake drums that rotate with the wheels. Brake shoes fitted with brake linings (friction material) which press against the drums from the ins
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Drum Brake Linings
Drum braking linings have brake drums that rotate with the wheels.


Brake shoes fitted with brake linings (friction material) which press against the drums from the inside to generate braking force (decelerate and stop) are set inside of the drums.
With this system, friction is generated by pressing the brake linings against the inside surfaces of the drums. This friction converts kinetic energy into thermal energy. Drum rotation helps to press the shoes and the lining against the drum with more force, offering superior braking force in comparison with disc brakes. On the other hand, it is very important to design the components so that the heat from the thermal energy is dissipated efficiently into the atmosphere.
There are three types of drum brakes depending on how the brake shoes are pressed on to the drums; leading/trailing shoe type, twin leading shoe type and duo-servo type.
Drum brakes are a brake system with brake drums (rotor) which rotate with the wheels. Inside each drum are brake shoes fitted with brake linings (friction material). Pistons (pressure mechanism) press against the drums from the inside to generate braking force, thus making is possible to decelerate and stop the vehicle.


Commercial Vehicle Brake Linings
● All the brake linings without noise, 100% asbestos-free
● Durability, strong resistance to the fade and wear
● Steady performance against high temperature.
● Lower dust level
● Cost effective and great performance
● The latest formula contributes to the environmental protection

Commercial Vehicle Brake Linings

Made to measure for the greatest performance, the BAIYUN linings endure the toughest and most thorough testing.
That’s because your safety is our priority.

Tailored and efficient solutions developed in close collaboration with manufacturers, bringing a technical superiority through optimized engineering for every application.
All BAIYUN brake linings undergo exhaustive testing procedures in order to maintain our high standards. They pass stringent dynamo-meter and road trials to guarantee top performance, even in the extreme environment of CV brake systems. That’s testing to perfection.
Because your safety is also our priority, our linings provide three different brake lining wear indicators according to the Original Equipment Spares specifications. These indicators (wear notch, wear step and wear groove) make it easy for you to determine whether linings need replacing.

100% Asbestos-free Metallic Brake Pads
Product Description
These BAIYUN Semi-Metallic Brake Pads will deliver the much needed power that is required to bring your vehicle to a safe stop. They are custom made to ensure a even wear and are precision cut to help eliminate any noise you could get while braking. They are 100% asbestos free and are ready to go right out of the box!
Quiet As a Mouse
Are you tired of the embarrassing sound of your brakes squeal every time you come to a stop? These BAIYUN Semi-Metallic brake pads have mechanically attached shims that work to virtually eliminate noise, so you with never have to hear any obnoxious squeaking or squealing. Not only do they prevent noise, but they also ensure that the vehicle comes to a smooth stop every time.
BAIYUN Semi-Metallic Brake Pads feature a hassle free installation, however we highly recommend having a certified mechanic install them and perform the proper break-in procedure. This will allow you to get the most out of your brakes and guarantee that everything works efficiently. If you have any questions about Brake Pads or your other braking needs, feel free to give us a call and let our knowledgeable sales staff assist you. We have trained staff that are waiting to lend you a helping hand.

Working Principle

How drum brakes work?
When the driver steps on the brake pedal, the power is amplified by the brake booster (servo system) and changed into hydraulic pressure (oil-pressure) by the master cylinder. The pressure reaches the brakes on the wheels via tubing filled with brake oil (brake fluid). The delivered pressure pushes the pistons on the brakes of the four wheels. The pistons press the brake linings, which are friction materials, against the inside surfaces of the brake drums which rotate with the wheels. The linings are pressed on the rotating drums, which in turn decelerate the wheels, thereby slowing down and stopping the vehicle.